Trowse Primary

Trowse Primary

Our Staff

Class 1

Miss Bonham (Teacher, Monday- Thursday)

Mrs Ramm (Teacher, Friday)

Mrs Rogers (TA. EYFS support, Monday - Thursday)

Mrs Huxtable (TA. EYFS support, Fridays)

Class 2

Mrs Woodcock (Teacher, job share, Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs Rush (Teacher, job share, Thursday & Friday)

Miss Skate (TA. Specialist one-to-one support)

Mrs Moore (TA, Monday & Tuesday. Specialist support for phonics and reading)

Mrs Burke (TA, Wednesday - Friday. Specialist support for phonics and reading)

Class 3

Mrs Elvin (Teacher, Job share, Monday & Tuesday)

Mrs Winterbone (Teacher, Job share, Wednesday - Friday)

Mrs Lacey (TA. Specialist support for social and emotional need)

Class 4

Mr Pritchard (Teacher)

Miss Harcourt (TA. Specialist support for mathematics)

Mrs Simmonds (one-to-one support)

The Office

Mrs Andrews (School Secretary & Finance Officer) 

Mrs Schindler (Administrative Support)


Mr Self

Midday Team

Mrs Hallam (Senior MSA) 

Miss Wheeler

Mrs Smith   

Mrs Ball

Mrs Bullion

Miss Baynes

Mrs Milne

Breakfast Club Team

Mrs Schindler (Breakfast Club Leader)

Mrs Smith 

Miss Sizer

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